What do you get in an every day carry (EDC) Kydex holster that embraces simple design and outstanding execution?

EagleWorks Holsters™ engineers our own proprietary holster molds using real firearms.  The details of the holster, engineered during the CAD phase of mold design, provide minimalist, precise, and simple blocking.  Modifications include trigger detents, adjustable retention, and minimalist paths for features that are proud or recessed, like slide releases, ejection ports, mag releases, and areas that interfere with the snag free draw and reholster of your firearm.  The control of our holster molds allows us to dial in precise adjustments that provide excellent fit and serviceability.

So what does all this attention to detail mean for you?  You get precise detention when you draw and re-holster your handgun.  You get the ability to dial in the retention you need for your IWB Kydex holster or your OWB Kydex Holster.   You get radiused and polished  holster edges that are comfortable against your body.   You get carefully selected belt carrier mounts that keep your Kydex holster and gun firmly attached to your belt.  And you get the classic attention to detail and logical layout offered by a craftsman.

Whether your current Kydex holster is just uncomfortable, is cramping your shooting performance, or you're shopping for a Kydex holster for a new pistol, EagleWorks Holsters™ can help.

What would a great IWB or OWB concealed carry Kydex holster be without your ability to have it your way?  EagleWorks Holsters™  has two programs for ordering.  Choose Quick-Ship if you don't want to wait or need your holster shipped quickly, or order through the Custom program to get details tailored to your needs.  Choose from colors and patterns from Kydex, Kryptek Camo lines, or from Boltaron.

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