The System™

The System™ is a vacuum table, precision butterfly molds, and matching trim jigs engineered for precision, repeatability, and reduced labor.   

The Vacuum Box

The engineered vacuum plate has a  perimeter O-ring that mates with the bottom of the precision butterfly molds.  The 3/8″ vacuum port in the center feeds the grid work to quickly and evenly distribute vacuum to the butterfly mold.

Butterfly Molds

The butterfly molds are engineered to provide the features that make a precision holster.   The holes in the surface of the mold allow vacuum to flow through the mold during vacuum.  The material is rigid, won’t cup or warp,  and is water resistant.

Precision Fit

The precision butterfly molds fit exactly into the vacuum box and mates with the perimeter O-ring on the vacuum plate.  The surface of the mold’s back plate  is even with the surface of the vacuum box.  No extra Kydex is needed to wrap around the frame or base of the mold  to make a seal.  

Kydex Forming

A small frame is placed at the perimeter of the mold over the heated Kydex.  Slight downward pressure creates a very fast vacuum.   Within a few seconds, the frame can be removed.  A light misting of water and shop air can help cool the Kydex more quickly.  Approximately sixty seconds after vacuum is made, you can turn off the pump and remove the Kydex from the mold.

Trim Jig

The matching trim jigs are designed to trim excess Kydex on a table mounted router.   Four brass threaded inserts are installed on the trim jig to attach the Kydex to the surface with #8-32 screws.  A top-bearing router bit runs along the smooth outer surface of the trim jig and precisely trims the holster shell to the exact shape.  Very little edge dressing will be necessary after this step.


70 PLUS MODELS AVAILABLE Inside-the-Waistband, Outside-the-Waistband, and Appendix Carry butterfly molds with matching trim jigs.

EagleWorks makes our own proprietary holster molds. By controlling the precision of the molds, we control the precision of the holsters.


The System™ was designed by Holster Makers for Holster Makers.  The System™   integrates and balances the functions of the vacuum table, the butterfly molds, and the trim jigs.  We looked closely at how these areas relate to each other and streamlined the processes to increase repeatability and precision, and to reduce many of the time-consuming aspects of making a holster. 

The System™ is geared toward production.  You can form a stack of Kydex shells, and then take them through the rest of the steps as a group.  


EagleWorks Holsters™ engineers our  proprietary holster molds for The System™ starting with real firearms.  The details of the holsters, engineered during the CAD phase of mold design, provide minimalist, precise, and simple blocking for a snag free draw and reholster of a firearm.  The control of our holster molds allows us to dial in precise adjustments to provide excellent fit and serviceability.  

For Holster Makers,  other considerations were included in The System™ butterfly molds and trim jigs.    The large vertical surfaces on the molds have been relieved so butterfly molds are more easily removed from cooled Kydex. Nothing has to be balanced on or added to the surface of the butterfly molds.  They are complete and will reliably produce a precision holster time and time again.  You’ll just add hardware.  

Holster Makers who use The System™ will be able to offer their customers a holster with an audible and tactile ‘click’ when a gun is drawn and reholstered.  Your customer will be able to dial in retention that works for them.  The edges of holster’s made with The System™ are radiused to be comfortable against the body.  All areas of the holsters are engineered for increased wear comfort.  The belt clip mounts are designed to accept standard belt clips that will  keep your customer’s  Kydex holster and gun firmly attached to their belt.  

With The System™ butterfly molds and trim jigs, Holster Makers will be able to offer  the classic attention to detail and logical layout offered by advanced engineering.   You will be able to produce holsters faster and more accurately.

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