Made in the USAHolsters are made in the great State of Arizona, and all materials used are made in the USA.
Feature ChannelsChannels are engineered into the DRD Molds and tested on real guns so projections or recesses on the surface of the firearm do not bind on draw or reholster.
Trigger DetentEngineered into every DRD Mold to provide consistent detent and an audible click on draw and reholster for all firearm types.
Finished EdgesAll edges are radiused, polished, and comfortable against the body.
Dual Adjustable Retention ScrewsDial in the exact retention that works for you. Retention positions are engineered into the holster molds for optimum performance.
Grip CutCut for full firing grip.
Belt Clip MountsEngineered into the DRD Molds to ensure correct positioning and adequate tension on the belt clip to provide a stable connection to your belt.
Sight ChannelEngineered to clear suppressor-height sights.

EagleWorks Holsters®  is proud to announce that our entire line of OWB and IWB holsters are being made using our own proprietary DRDTM Mold masters.  EagleWorks Holsters® DRDTM Molds are created using the latest technologies available in 3D modeling.  We start with real guns and use proprietary 3D scanning and CNC machining processes to produce our DRDTM Molds.  Utilizing the precision of 3D CAD and the accuracy of CNC manufacturing, our master molds yield holsters that fit your gun precisely.  

All blocking elements for the trigger guard, detents, retention, ejection ports, belt clip mounts, and other features are precisely engineered during the 3D CAD workflow.  Once the DRDTM mold is CNC’ed, it’s ready to form Kydex;  no extra items are glued, placed, or temporarily balanced on the surface of the mold.  Because of this precision, we don’t have to account for the material shrink that plague typical holster molds made using a casting process.  Our real-gun-to-DRDTM-mold process creates a flawless platform for consistent results.  

Don’t see your gun in our list of available models?  Keep watching.  We’re adding a new model every few days.  Got something in mind you’d like to see?  Let us know at EagleWorks Holsters®.  




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