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S&W M&P Shield 9 2.0

S&W M&P Shield 9 2.0

CZ P-07

All available as Appendix, Inside the Waistband, and Outside the Waistband Carry.

20 Color Choices

No Additional Charge

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What's new at EagleWorks Holsters?

World-class holsters start with holster mold technology.

EagleWorks makes our own proprietary holster molds. By controlling the precision of the molds, we control the precision of the holsters.


  • The retention area is part of the mold. Micro-ribbing keeps the plate surfaces flat to provide reliable retention.
  • The sight channel blocking is part of the mold and provides clearance for competition height sights.
  • The mounting blocks for belt clips are engineered to match the clips.
  • The muzzle area is rounded for wearing comfort on the AIWB and IWB holsters.


EagleWorks Holsters™ engineers our own proprietary holster molds starting with real firearms.  The details of the holster, engineered during the CAD phase of mold design, provide minimalist, precise, and simple blocking for a snag free draw and reholster.  The control of our holster molds allows us to dial in precise adjustments to provide excellent fit and serviceability.

What does this attention to detail mean for you?  You get an audible and tactile ‘click’ when your gun is drawn and reholstered.  You can dial in retention that works for you.  The edges of your holster are radiused and polished to be comfortable against your body.  The muzzle area of the inside the waistband holsters is rounded for increased wear comfort.  You get carefully selected belt carrier mounts that keep your Kydex holster and gun firmly attached to your belt.  You get the classic attention to detail and logical layout offered by advanced engineering. 

Whether you wear an AIWB, IWB, OWB, or a MAG carrier, you get precision fit and exceptional functionality designed specifically for your firearm.

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