The Kydex Holster Maker, Scott Hudson

The Holster Makers

EagleWorks Holsters™ is a family-owned Arizona business.  We are life-time conceal carry advocates.  Like most folks who carry, we were always looking for a better carry solution.   A few years back, we started making holsters for our own use and quickly identified the inherit problems with the process.  Using an interesting blend of family engineering skills, from design to computers to machining, we came up with a process of building our own holster molds to address and alleviate the problems we’d encountered.

We start with real guns to create precise 3D CAD models.  EagleWorks Holsters™ designs are engineered by Scott Hudson and executed in CAD by Carla Hudson.  Every feature that will become part of the holster are added precisely during the CAD modeling phase of design.  When the 3D CAD models are complete, Scott Hudson reviews the final design, creates the machine codes for the mills, forms the Kydex, and finishes the holsters.  Scott’s also the family gun guru.

Because we machine our own holster molds, we control solutions.  For instance, the words used to describe retention are subjective.  One person’s ‘loose retention’ is another person’s ‘too much retention.’  We engineered our retention plate with tiny molded ribs and a rolled edge for stiffness, and we precisely located adjustable retention screws.  A few turns of a Phillips screwdriver allows the user to dial in the specific retention that works for them.  

When you handle an EagleWorks Holsters™, you’ll be able to feel and see the difference in the smooth, polished edges, the areas around the muzzle that have been rounded for wearing comfort, and in the tactile, audible, and reliable click when your gun is drawn and reholstered.   

Simple design, outstanding execution.  You’ll appreciate the attention to the smallest details.

The Kydex Holster Maker, Scott Hudson

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Simple Design.

Outstanding Execution.™