EagleWorks Holsters™ is a family-owned Arizona business.  We are life-time conceal carry advocates.  A few years back, like many other Holster Makers before us, we started making holsters for our own use and quickly identified the inherit problems with the process.  If you make holsters,  you know that producing a single holster is extremely labor intensive.   The tools of the trade can be ornery, from molds that have to be modified to getting a reliable vacuum. 

Like everyone else, we had a vision, not better or worse, just a vision that was as unique to us as your vision is to you.  The wall we’d hit and couldn’t get by was the molds we were using.  We decided to try to make our own molds, and then threw ourselves headlong down that long, winding, expensive, and frustrating trail.

We solved it.  After many attempts, much cussing, and breaktakingly expensive forays into research and development, we developed a complex system for making our own molds, and it set our creative minds free.  We started nitpicking holster details, trying to find solutions for things that would have been impossible to address by modifying the replicas we started with.  We were able to manage dozens of details and standardize those solutions so they could be used across many holster types.  We liked the holster styles we created using the new molds, and so did our holster customers.  We protected those early molds like gold bullion.

But like half-mad scientists, not content with the win, we decided to make matching trim jigs.  Hand trimming thermoplastic and then having to sand it endlessly was time-consuming and unprofitable.  Lots of acquired skill sets later and many more dollars donated to the R & D gremlins, we had our matching trim jigs.

Then folks asked, “Why are you selling holsters?  Why not sell those molds?”  Simple question, and we instantly got our protective hackles up as anyone protecting a secret ingredient would.  But we starting thinking; what would that look like?  Were we willing to share what we felt was our edge?

If you’re reading this, you know we did start selling our molds, and to our surprise, they are EagleWorks Holsters™  top-selling product. 


When your customer’s handles a holster made with EagleWorks Production Molds and Trim Jigs™ , they’ll  recognize the well-engineered solutions that are part of these holsters.  And you’ll love the dramatic labor reduction and the increased profitability. 


Simple design, outstanding execution.  


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