CZ 75 Shadow Line
From Making a Mold to Making a Holster

In an earlier post, I shared what I’d learned from Red Feather Gear’s excellent videos on making a gun mold.  I ended up making a mold for the CZ 75 Shadow Line and for a double magazine carrier for that same gun.  In the slideshow, you can see polystyrene molds for both projects.  The poly is 0.08″, available on Amazon in 12″ x 12″ sheets.  The poly was heated to 350 degrees, and vacuum pressed. The resulting detail was excellent.  The products used for filling the poly molds is also covered in the first post.  The mold took two hours to harden enough to remove from the polystyrene; the magazine took a little longer.

After the CZ 75 Shadow Line mold had cured for twenty-four hours, I did some epoxy putty work to make it smoother to draw and reholster.  The holster is a straight drop.  I’ve had a chance to compete with both the gun and magazine holsters this week, and am happy with the results.  Both holsters work well.

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