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PRODUCTION MOLDS | by holster style

Production molds are holster-style-specific.
Please choose your holster style below.

Handing | Right and Left?

During development of EagleWorks Holsters Production Molds, the fellow Holster Makers we consulted stated they did not have enough need to warrant investing in high-volume holster making for left handed holsters.  As a result, the Production Molds, specifically engineered for high volume turnaround, are all right hand molds.   

If you personally have the need for high-volume production of a left hand holster, we can custom develop a mold for you.  The lead time is longer, and a custom mold fee can apply.

If your need for a left-handed holster is occasional, take a look at our Universal Molds which will accommodate positioning a belt clip mount in a location that works for you.