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The Kydex Holster Maker, Scott Hudson

The Holster Makers

EagleWorks Holsters™ is a family-owned Arizona business.  We are life-time conceal carry advocates.  A few years back, like many other Holster Makers before us, we started making holsters for our own use and quickly identified the inherit problems with the process.  If you make holsters,  you know that producing a single holster is extremely labor intensive.   The tools of the trade can be ornery, from molds that have to be modified to getting a reliable vacuum. 

Utilizing an interesting blend of family engineering skills, from design to computers to machining, we came up with our own  vacuum system, precision holster molds, and trim jigs.  Everything was engineered  to address and alleviate the production, repeatability, and precision problems we’d encountered.  Around the shop, we referred to it as ‘The System.’

While at a trade show, a fellow Holster Maker asked,  “Why are you selling holsters?  Why aren’t you selling the molds?”  Hmm.

The System™ was designed to create a high-end holster  that our customer’s would love.  Selling The System™ to other Holster Makers had never occurred to us until then.   The first four Holster Makers we offered The System™ to purchased it and never looked back.  

Because we mill the holster molds on site, we control solutions.  We start with real guns to create precise 3D CAD models.  Every feature that will become part of the holster are added precisely during the CAD modeling phase of design.  When the 3D CAD models are complete, the designs are reviewed, a test mold milled, Kydex is formed on that mold, and the resulting holster is tested for fit.  

When your customer’s handles a holster made with The System™, they’ll  recognize the well-engineered solutions that are part of these holsters.  And you’ll love the dramatic labor reduction.     

Simple design, outstanding execution.  

The Kydex Holster Maker, Scott Hudson