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The Kydex Holster Maker, Scott Hudson

The Holster & Mold Makers

EagleWorks Holsters is a family owned Arizona Business.  We are life-time conceal carry advocates who started out like most holster makers; we were trying to make holsters for our own use.  In short order, we discovered that making a holster was much more difficult than it looked and that the process was extremely labor intensive.  The tools of the trade can be ornery, from finding molds that will work to reflect your ideas of style and function to getting a reliable vacuum, to name just two.

Utilizing an interesting blend of family engineering skills, from design to computer acumen to machining, we developed a solution for our most troublesome problem at that time, the molds.  We created computer-generated 3D gun models, added the features and blocking inside the 3D software, and then milled the molds from blocks of HDPE on site.  We were able to add functionality to those molds that was impossible with the early replica guns we started with.  

When asked repeatedly about selling the molds, we got our protective hackles up like anyone protecting a secret ingredient.  As time went by, however, we thought about how we could market the molds, and to our surprise, the molds have become our largest seller.  All the holsters for sale to our loyal and new customers on this website were made from the same exact molds that we now also sell to fellow holster makers.  Our holsters are all made from the Kydex Forming Production Molds that have a Matching Trim Jig.

We also design custom molds, and develop pattern-specific molds for other holster makers.  And yes, we still sell holsters.  Like all good makers, we’re always improving the processes and adding to our information base.  We currently have more than one hundred manufacturer/models in our 3D digital library, and add more every month.   

Have questions?  Give us a call.  We always like to hear from fellow holster makers.

The Kydex Holster Maker, Scott Hudson