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Step 10 | retention
plate hardware

In Step 10, the hardware will be added to the shells.  This is our assembly bench. 

When developing our holster line, we standardized the hardware as much as possible.  Every EagleWorks Holster™ has a retention plate that takes the same exact hardware from Type to Type.  Unless the holster is very tiny, the retention plate will always have two hardware sets.

For each retention plate, you’ll need: 

  • Two EPDM washers;
  • Two pass through posts;
  • Two finish washers;
  • And two screws.

The exact specs for the hardware are included in the text at the right, and also as a PDF download in the header and footer on every page of the website.

I install the EPDM washers first, then use the posts to hold them in place.  Then, I flip the holster, add two finish washers, and the screws secure the plate together.  Tighten the screws until the bottom gap on the retention plate is almost closed.

Use a blue gun, or if you have one, a real gun, to check the retention.  Adjust the holster by tightening or loosening the screws to get the fit that you’re after.

When the retention is set correctly, holstering the gun will provide an audible and tactile ‘click’ and the gun will be held securely.

Retention can be subjective, so your customers will appreciate being able to easily adjust their holster to suit their own needs.


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