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Step 11 | belt
clip standards

Every holster Type in our line of molds was designed to work with a specific belt clip solution.

The IWB Type 1 – Concealed Carry holster, has a two position mounting block that uses a standard one inch on center FOMI clip.  The clip can be mounted in a straight drop or in a canted position.  Belt Clip, Flush Mount, Black (FOMI), Hole 1″ On Center

The IWB Type 2 – Appendix Carry holster has a three position mounting block for a strut & loop.  Drill locations are marked at .6” on center.  The holster can be adjusted for ride height and for cant.  IWB Soft Loops, Rubberized Nylon, Strap Only and Raven Concealment, Tuckable Slotted Soft Loop Strut.

The IWB Type 3 – Revolver holster uses a TacWare 5-hole J-clip. The mounting plate has two locations that are marked for drilling at .52” on center.  TacWare/USA Made, IWB, 5 Hole, Straight Belt Clip.

The IWB Type 4 – Optics Cut holster also uses a standard FOMI. The mounting block is marked at 1” on center and the clips can be mounted in a straight drop or in a canted position.  Belt Clip, Flush Mount, Black (FOMI), Hole 1″ On Center

The OWB Type 1 – Competition Style holster uses a large Blade-Tech, Tech Lok. And is compatible with many other  Blade Tech belt attachments.  Seven drill out locations are marked on this holster’s mounting plate so the holster can be adjusted for ride height and cant positions.  Tek-Lok™ Large.

The OWB Type 2 – Two Piece holsters uses D-Clips.  There is no mounting block on this holster because the belt clips will be attached directly to the flaps on the holster body.  Drill indicators are marked at .75” on center on both sides.  Belt Loops, 1-1/2″ Black.

The OWB Type 3 – Revolver holster  uses a Talon Retention Systems belt clip.  The mounting block has four drill out locations, two on either side of the cylinder.  Those holes are .738” on center.  TRS Belt Slide Mount.

The OWB Type 4 – On Body  is still in testing.  Stayed tuned for more information on this holster design.

Tools, Hardware & Links

All belt clips are mounted with the following hardware:

1/8 ” (.125 x .390) Pass-Thru Post, w/Clutch

8-32 Phillips Truss Head Screw 1/4″ (2.50 x .375)

Additionally, the OWB Type 2, Two Piece Holster will need a longer post for the side with two thicknesses of Kydex.  

Pass-Thru Post w/clutch 3/16″ (.1875 x .390) 



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