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Step 5 | drill

For drill out, we use a tabletop drill press, but any drill will work for this operation.  As you may have already experienced, Kydex can be difficult to drill because it likes to climb the drill bit.  It can also be hard to center the bit as it likes to skate around on the surface. 

To make life easier, drill out locations are pre-marked during vacuum forming by the drill points that were milled into the mold.  They leave small divots in the Kydex that help the bit self-center. 

We like to use a 7/32” straight flute drill bit.  The posts on your matching trim jigs have been sized to receive shells drilled out at 7/32”.

Drill out the locations marked during forming.  The drill locations for the belt clips will match the belt clip that is recommended for that holster style.

The drill out locations at the retention plate will be used to secure the shell to the posts on the trim jig.  It’s important that you use the correct size drill for this operation or the shell will not snap down securely onto the trim jig.

This is how a mold will look after the retention plate and belt clip mounts have been drilled out

Tools, Hardware & Links

Table Top Drill Press

HTC Straight Flue, 140 degree Drill Bit, Product Code: 580-2188


Burrout Brad Point 7/32″ Kydex® Drill Bit (Note:  This drill bit is less expensive and does a good job of drilling a clean hole.  However, it does not self-center because it cuts from the edges, not the center.)


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