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Step 7 | first

Next, after shells have been trimmed by the router, I like to polish the edges.  Our polishing wheel is an 8” flannel wheel.  The wheel is mounted on a spindle adapter attached directly to a single phase AC motor. 

Polishing compound can be very difficult to get off of Kydex.  Because of that, we don’t use compound at all.

The heat generated by the fiction of the wheel against the Kydex is enough to smooth the edges.  

More information about our setup is available in the text box to the right of the video. 

Like all work stations, good lighting is will make your task much easier.

Some areas of the shell will be easier to access after the shell has been folded over.

In this production run, we have five identical shells that can be polished at the same time.  On production runs, this is an excellent way to reduce your labor without compromising quality.


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