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Step 8 | fold

This is our fold over station.  In this area we keep our blue guns, clamps, 24” strip heater, shop air—all of tools needed to fold over the shells.  

To make it easier to place shells onto the strip heater, we’ve added HDPE blocks to the sides. 

For this strip heater, the manufacturer recommends fifteen minutes of preheating for the temperature to stabilize. More information about this heat strip heater is included in the text to the right.

What you’re looking for here is for the shell to flex easily, but not so easily that it begins to melt.  You may need a little trial and error to get the feel for the right amount of heat here. 

Remove the shell from the heat, insert the blue gun, then clamp the mold as shown in the video.  While it’s cooling, place another shell onto the heat strip.  In the time it takes to heat the next shell, use shop air, if you have it, to cool the fold zone.  And then remove the clips. 

This process repeats until all the shells have been folded.


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