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Step 9 | final
trim & polish

For this step, we’re going back—to the disc sander—and the polishing wheel.  When you set up your polish wheel, make sure you have enough room around it to manipulate the shells.

The disc sander makes short work of this step. I like to remove just the tip of the fold over zone here.

Next is the final polishing step.  First, I smooth the area I just sanded on the sight channel nose. Then, I catch all the areas that where difficult to access before foldover.

Again, no buffing compound is used on this wheel because it’s difficult to get it off the surface of the Kydex.  Heat and friction do a fine job here.

Tools, Hardware & Links

JET 12″ Disc Sander JDS-12B

Extra thick Spiral Sewn Buffing Wheel, 8″ (80-Ply)

Tapered Spindle Adapter Threaded


Shaft Arbor Extension for Buffing Wheel



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