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MOLDS | by type

Which Mold Type is Right for Your Project?

Taking too long to make a single holster?  All that sanding grating your last nerve? Looking for a fast, smooth, painless, and straight-forward way to make a state-of-the-art holster that your customers will love?  Here it is!  And every Production Mold has a matching trim jig available.  Seriously…you can make a pristine holster in ten minutes. 

Universal Molds

Universal Molds are milled, HDPE, Split-Board Butterfly Molds that are used to make any fold-over style holster.  Features of the original gun are blocked, but the molds are style non-specific.  If you have a unique fold-over holster style you’d like to execute, the Universal Molds were designed for you. You can order Universal Molds with several no-cost options.