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Each Production Mold makes a specific type of holster style. Listed below are the current holster styles that are made by EagleWorks Holsters. The Molds & Matching Trim Jigs & Matching Trim Jigs are milled from solid blocks of HDPE.

Don’t have beefy computers, dazzling software packages, and robust mills for making your own molds?  Tired of all that endless Kydex sanding?  Looking for a painless, simple, and reliable way to make precision, state-of-the-art holsters for your customers?  Don’t worry.  We’ve got you covered.  The same Production-ready molds and matching trim jigs we use to make our brilliant holsters are available to you.  Use the table below to check out model availibility. 

Handing | Right and Left?

During development of EagleWorks Holsters Production Molds, the fellow Holster Makers we consulted stated they did not have enough need to warrant investing in high-volume holster making for left handed holsters.  As a result, the Production Molds, specifically engineered for high volume turnaround, are all right hand molds.   

If you personally have the need for high-volume production of a left hand holster, we can custom develop a mold for you.  The lead time is longer, and a custom mold fee can apply.

If your need for a left-handed holster is occasional, take a look at our Universal Molds which will accommodate positioning a belt clip mount in a location that works for you.