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Understanding Molds & Trim Jigs | EagleWorks Holsters

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EagleWorks Production Molds and Trim Jigs, and our Universal Molds, are individually milled from solid blocks of HDPE.  They are not poured resin, or castings formed in a mold tool.  They do not have to be affixed to a board to work; the backboard is part of the mold.  We do not stock molds; when your order is received, the molds are milled specifically to fill that order.  All EagleWorks Holsters molds are designed by starting with real guns, creating digital copies, and then modifying those 3D images with modeling software to produce specific holster styles.

When we started looking for holster molds to support our own holstermaking business many years ago, there weren’t many choices, so we developed  molds to support the specific style pattern and features we liked in a holster.  Other holster makers liked what they saw, so we offered our pattern-specific Production Molds and Matching Trim Jigs, described below.    

We also received requests for a more generic pattern style of holster mold, so we stripped all the features off the Production Molds, and marketed those minimally blocked split board molds under the name ‘Universal Molds.’  Many types of fold-over holsters styles can be made using a Universal Mold.

When choosing a mold for yourself, it’s vital to understand what can and cannot be done with that mold.  Please take the time to read the following, and if you still have questions, please give us a call. 

Production Molds​

Production Molds are butterflied molds on a backboard that produce a feature-specific foldover type holster, except in the case of the OWB, Conceal Carry style which is a two piece holster.  

Each Production Mold and matching Trim Jig is designed only to work for a specific gun model, generation, and/or iteration.  Small changes a manufacturer has made from one year to the next can create fit, draw, and reholster issues.  Just because a model shares the same name, does not mean it is, in fact, the same.  Please check the manufacturer’s specifications before ordering.  If you still have questions, give us a call.  

There are six carry style patterns of Production Molds and Trim Jigs.  Each style pattern represents a specific holster type:

  • IWB Type 1 Holster Molds & Trim Jigs | Inside the Waistband;
  • IWB Type 2 Holster Molds & Trim Jigs | for Revolvers;
  • OWB Type 1 Holster Molds & Trim Jigs | Competition Style Holsters;
  • OWB Type 2 Holster Molds & Trim Jigs | Two-Piece Gun Holsters;
  • Appendix Carry Holster Molds & Trim Jigs |Inside the Waistband;
  • Magazine Carrier Holster Molds & Trim Jigs | IDPA Compliant

The Production Molds, created to support our own holster business, were developed to reflect our personal vision of what we liked in a holster.  The holster created with a Production Mold will be almost exactly like the holsters shown on the website, dependent on your method of trimming, heating, and forming the thermoplastic.  If your methods of heating and forming Kydex varies too much from ours, the results may not be acceptable.  We recommend heating the Kydex to 000 degrees Fahrenheit, and using not less than a 2-stage, 8 CFM vacuum pump capable of developing a reliable 25 (Hg) of vacuum.

If you have your own specific style pattern and feature package you’d like to include in your holsters, a standardized Production Mold is not for you.  They cannot be modified in the field.  If that is your case, take a look at the Universal Molds which will support various foldover holster styles, or give us a call about having a custom pattern developed specific to your needs.  

Holsters made from Production Molds require specific hardware to work properly.  The holster you produce with this mold will not work without the correct hardware.  A downloadable PDF Hardware List is available in the header and footer on every page of the website. 

We strongly recommend not making modifications to Production Molds or their matching Trim Jigs.  Doing so will interfere with the function of the resulting holsters and could cause accidental discharge or other consequential problems. 

Universal Molds​

Universal Molds are butterflied, milled HDPE representations of manufacturer/models on a backboard.  The standardized Universal Molds we sell are blocked for competition height sights, have a choice of detents at the trigger guard, and have minimal blocking to create channels for ease of draw and reholstering.  These molds create a fold-over type holster and can be used for most holster types or styles that can be created by a fold-over process.  

Our Recommendations​

If the concept of Production Molds and Trim Jigs appeals to you, order a single set for your most popular gun model. Try the combination out, and judge for yourself. If you like the process and the product it produces, you’re on your way. 

If you have something different in mind, take a look at our Universal Molds. We’ve stripped most of the standarized features on these molds, and just left the basics. Universal Molds can be used to make many types of fold over holsters.

If you’ve already developed an esthetic you’re known for, those holsters are in demand with your customers, and your current methods don’t allow you to produce holsters fast enough to keep up with orders, consider streamlining your processes. Take a look at the videos available on this website to see what’s possible. We can create a custom patterned Production Mold and Trim Jig or a custom Universal Mold pattern. You will bear the cost of the research and development of the product which will include, but not be limited to, time and materials. This cost can be small or large; you won’t know until you make the request and get a quotation. There is no charge for quotes. If you are interested, please read the post on Mold Modifications for more details, and then contact us directly to discuss design strategy and pricing.

4. And finally, if you are currently using a mold maker who supports your holster making processes and holster style, stay with them and celebrate your good luck in finding them. There’s room for all of us.